• 5 Key Steps for Creating an Inbound Marketing Campaign

5 Key Steps for Creating an Inbound Marketing Campaign

Using tactics to attract new visitors and potential leads to your website is only half of the story. Once you get leads, take additional steps with an inbound marketing campaign to build relationships and turn them into customers who will further promote your brand.

Inbound marketing campaigns turn leads into customers

Creating an inbound marketing campaign may seem daunting. It’s helpful to take individual steps. Let this guide you toward reaching your goals.

Strategy: To quote baseball great Yogi Berra, if you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll wind up someplace else. Having a plan in place is essential before putting the effort into any inbound marketing campaign. Take time to understand your target audience, what they want and need and how you can deliver it to them. Then define your goals and set a course to meeting those goals. The good news is that once put into action, 68 percent of inbound marketers believe their organization’s marketing strategy is effective.

Content creation: Content can be any number of things: blog posts, videos, podcasts or whitepapers, to name just a few. Whatever you decide to create, make sure it is quality content that is valuable to your prospective customers. Throwing up content on your website just to have it there will not deliver the return on your investment you expect. Always focus on the buyer persona of your target audience and reach out to them via methods they expect. For example, if you know your audience is more likely to watch a video instead of reading a whitepaper, don’t invest valuable time and energy developing that whitepapers. Remember, the goal of every inbound marketing campaign may not be a final conversion to a sale. Often the goal is something along the sales funnel route such as getting more subscribers to your newsletter. Keep your goal and mind and create content to get you there.

Search engine optimization: To ensure your content will be found, you need to optimize for search engines. Use keywords that your target audience will search for; having the right keywords help with your ranking and moves you higher up on search engines.

Social media: Once you put content on your website, using social media is an important component in expanding the reach of that content. When you promote content via social media platforms, you give your audience a way to further engage, like and share. It’s here where you can best gain a following and build relationships with your target audience. Nurture these relationships and your loyal followers will become evangelists for your brand.

Analytics: The only way you will understand the return on your investment is to track and measure the results from your inbound marketing campaign. Certainly some campaigns work better than others. When they work well, you want to know what it was that provided improved results. Taking time to monitor results enables you to continue with successful practices and provides insight on ways to make modifications for the greatest benefits.

At Talent Evolution, we are experts in all the steps of inbound marketing campaigns. If you’re looking for ways to drive more website traffic, get more leads and convert more customers for your business, just give us a call so we can assist with everything from content creation to analytics.

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