3 Reasons to Use Inbound Marketing

  • 3 Reasons To Use Inbound Marketing

3 Reasons to Use Inbound Marketing

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Increase ROI With Effective Techniques

Compared to traditional outbound methods such as advertising and cold calls, inbound marketing outperforms every time. Brands seeking a marketing strategy to best grow business will find inbound efforts to be a highly effective way to increase website traffic and convert that traffic into customers. Here are 3 reasons you need to move away from outbound tactics and use inbound marketing.

1. Qualified leads

Spray-and-pray marketing tactics of days gone by are not effective in today’s highly saturated marketplace. Consumers have way too much coming at them to pay close attention to generic advertisements.

Inbound marketing allows your business to reach a target audience that is much more likely to be interested in your products, services, or offerings. When you create content with specific personas in mind, you will organically attract visitors to your website who are interested in those topics. Engaging with them allows you to build a relationship that moves them along the sales funnel.

2. Visible metrics

It is difficult to justify any money spent on an outbound marketing plan when you can’t tell if it’s working or not. Inbound marketing provides a wealth of information from the start. In fact, the amount of analytical information it offers will allow you ways to be incredibly precise in your marketing efforts.

By accessing information about where visitors come from, the average time visitors spend on your website, the most popular content, and other data, you’ll be able to adjust and optimize a campaign to enhance customer relations and boost cost-effectiveness. Research shows that people that check their analytics at least three times a week are 20% more likely to achieve positive ROI.

 3. Sustainability

 The beauty of the internet is that content can stick around for a very long time. Thus, unless you delete content, the information you publish can continue to generate results for months and years to come. It is possible to continuously share via social media channels and promote content to raise more awareness about your business. It’s possible that something you published more than a year ago could attract new readers today and pack the same punch you intended back then. Readers typically share what they find with others when you can make that kind of an impact. Thus, your brand gets even more recognition.

How can you benefit?

Want to see the benefits of inbound marketing? If you’re ready right now, take a look at our free e-book about how to run an inbound marketing campaign. Or, just give us a call. Chat with the T.E. Digital team to discuss your goals and target audience. Consultations are free. We can help you find ways to create a marketing strategy that incorporates marketing efforts that are best for your brand.

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Jared S. Smith ‐the Co‐founder and Chief Executive Officer for Talent Evolution. He brings several years of experience in providing social media marketing solutions to clients in a variety of industries. He is passionate about marketing and helping small business owners make sense of the new world of online marketing. Jared provides expertise in all aspects of online marketing.

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