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We specialize as a full-service digital marketing agency offering website design & redesign, marketing & communications strategy, digital product & brand development / awareness, with creative initiatives that connect organizations with the opportunity to fuel website traffic and business growth.

Our clients receive a best-in-class solution from a digital marketing partner with creative and technical expertise that will deliver optimal web solutions including website development & design, strategy, training, security, branding & marketing that is cost-effective, on target and on budget.

Help organizations better connect their brands with their target audiences through strategic storytelling across their marketing, advertising, and social media platforms.

About Us

We know you want to evolve and take your businesses to the next level. We also understand how industries today are being disrupted and it’s necessary to have the right strategies and solutions. No matter what your goals, our vision is to get you there.

About Us

The TE Culture is paramount to our success. We are:

PASSIONATE – It’s all about being passionate about what we do and translating that energy into every client project.

INNOVATIVE – It’s not just about creativity, it’s about redefining the standards and actually putting ideas to work.

RESPONSIVE – It’s more than just doing a good job, it’s caring about the whole client experience and delivering outstanding results on time and on budget.

ALWAYS EVOLVING – It’s more than just adapting, is about looking ahead, striving to be better and to become the best that you can be.

About Us

Keeping You Up To Date With The Latest Tools & Solutions.

As Technology evolves, more and more tools become available. Having knowledge of the latest and greatest tools and adding them to your solutions is something we excel at.  Check out our blog for industry insight & upcoming events.

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Our Team


Jared S. Smith

Co-founder & CEO

John Walker

John E. Walker

Co-founder & CSO


Matt James

Sr. Account Manager

Ken Chueh

Ken Chueh

Digital Marketing Coordinator

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Wesley May

Digital Marketing Strategist

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Christine Koenig

Content Strategist

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Jerome D. Smith

Associate Creative Director

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Roni Ramos

Video Producer

The TE Digital mascot is the resilient turtle. The earliest turtles evolved from ancestors known as the Ancient Survivors; they date from 215 million years ago, are older than lizards and snakes, and adapted to life on land and in water.

The TE turtle continues to evolve, as does technology, trends, and best practices. The anxiety of keeping up with digital media, social networking, a career, an industry, and life in general can cause people to hide in their shells. We will coax you out of your shell while supplying you with the tools you need to survive, thrive, and evolve in today’s ultra competitive marketplace.

About Us
About Us


You need to respond to people talking about your brand.

If your business has social media, it’s essential to monitor it. We know business owners are busy. Learn how to  develop your own, solid routine and take advantage of the limited time you have to get the best results.

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