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Effective Email Marketing Campaigns Convert Subscribers into Loyal Customers

Our team helps you build an email marketing strategy that optimizes and grows your list, crafts subject lines to get above-average open rates and increases engagement with high performance click-through rates. We’ll create engaging content on expertly designed branded (HTML) and mobile-friendly templates to optimize results.

At TE Digital we understand lead nurturing. Using a variety of Email Service Providers (ESPs), including Constant Contact, Hubspot and others to execute integrated email marketing campaigns. We utilize automation to implement the most effective email efforts—from drip campaigns to monthly email campaigns—to grow your business.

When executed properly email marketing campaigns develop loyalty, converts customers, saves money and increases ROI. Our email marketing experts know personalization is what today’s consumers seek and leverage list segmentation to dramatically increase open and conversion rates.

Email Marketing To Support Your Sales Funnel

We are data driven. Sure, we know best practices and industry averages, but it’s your metrics that truly matter. Your business is one-of-a-kind. We dive into your data, measure, analyze and adjust your unique analytics to best benefit your brand.

Using proven processes and methodologies, we’ll put you at ease and illustrate a path to reach your goals and get a strong ROI. By balancing data with email marketing efforts, we provide you with an understanding to create campaigns that better your business.

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