• 3 big benefits of inbound marketing

3 Big Benefits of Inbound Marketing

Attract customers, build trust and credibility

Marketing has been around for hundreds of years and businesses have pushed their messages to reach consumers. Hubspot first coined the term “inbound marketing” in 2006 to define practices that are different from outbound tactics. There are many benefits of inbound marketing for companies that make it part of their overall marketing strategy.  Not yet using inbound marketing? Uncertain about whether your business should? Explore these three benefits.


Let’s be honest, the bottom line matters to every business no matter its size. Per lead, inbound marketing costs 61 percent less than outbound tactics; an average savings of $20K. How is that possible? Instead of spending budgets on advertising and blindly shouting messages out to locations where your audience may be, you share relevant content that brings your target audience to you.

Creating content such as blogs, graphics, white papers and other helpful materials doesn’t cost as much as advertising. Additionally, ads are commonly here and then gone, but quality content can be used, repurposed and reused. One way to save even more is to tap stakeholders and other experts within the organization to create content to share online. Companies with smaller budgets can still make a great impact in the marketplace.

Builds awareness and authority

Perhaps the biggest benefit of inbound marketing is the way it fosters relationships and builds trust. Inbound marketing not only helps spread the word and increase brand awareness, it does it in a way that will generate more leads and sales.

Providing relevant infographics, slideshows, podcasts, video and blogs that incorporate keywords in a way toboost SEO, offer something of value to your target audience. With these efforts, it’s possible to educate those consumers about your company and also show them how you can be of benefit to them. Over time, your authority and expertise draws prospects back again and again. A relationship develops and these followers become customers and influencers that spread the word about your brand.

Accessible and long-lasting

Traditional tactics can be memorable. Consumers may remember, “He likes it! Hey, Mikey!,” but never remember the name of the cereal. People will even forgo Super Bowl bathroom breaks to watch the commercials, but quickly forget them until the following year when the media discusses the best of all time.

Company websites, however, are there 24/7, 365 days per year. Content created as part of an inbound marketing strategy stays there and keeps influencing and creating relationships as long as it remains on the website or promoted via social media platforms.

This accessibility is attractive to customers because they can immediately see what your business has to offer them. And once you develop a strong presence on social media, your content can be shared by thousands of followers who like what you provide, forever generating buzz about your business, even if it’s the middle night and no one is in your office.

How can you benefit?

At T.E. Digital, we understand every brand is unique. While many businesses find great benefits of inbound marketing, different situations may require outbound marketing efforts as well.

If you’re ready to hit the ground running, take a look at our free e-book about how to run an inbound marketing campaign. Or, just give us a call. Let’s discuss your goals and target audience to find ways to create a marketing strategy that incorporates marketing efforts that are best for your brand.

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