• How Does Writing a Blog Enhance My SEO?

How Does Writing a Blog Enhance My SEO?

Blogging is huge in the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) because it gives you the chance to actively make a difference in how your site ranks. One of the most important things you should know about search engines is that they value two things above all else: fresh content and engaging, useful content. It has to have value, and you have to put it out on a regular basis.

Writing a blog allows you to do both.

Consistently publishing blog posts demonstrates that your site is active and that it is always being updated, which means that it is relevant. Users are going to find the information that they want, not something that is old and outdated. Search engines are specifically designed to find updated information. After all, the goal of a search engine is to deliver results that users really want; if you provide it, the engines are going to seek you out.

Of course, blogs also give you a chance to slowly increase your keyword usage, without forcing them or stuffing each page. Every blog post is a chance to incorporate more relevant keywords and links in an organic fashion. Plus, keywords within relevant content offer true value to the reader such as that information they see or answers to questions.

If you want to see your numbers grow each month, no matter your niche or industry, a good blog is a must-have.

Wondering how a blog could specifically boost your business? Ready to publish but don’t know what to write? Just give us a call. The T.E. Digital team has years of experience and insight. We’re happy to help your blogging efforts.


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