10 Best SEO Audit Tools

  • 10 Best Seo Audit Tools

10 Best SEO Audit Tools


Effectively Analyze Your Website

To succeed in today’s competitive online environment, your website has to deliver the best performance. Since search engines constantly seem to make algorithm changes, auditing your website’s SEO performance is crucial. Having the right SEO audit tools to check for loading speed, conversion rate, and responsiveness will help your website deliver the results you are seeking. Here are 10 of the best to consider (and some are free!). 


Powerful yet easy to master, this toolset helps you audit and optimize your website, analyze your competitor’s sites, find the keywords your customers search for, track your ranking progress, and learn from the industry’s top-performing content. You can even discover problems with broken pages and redirects, nofollow links and orphan pages, low word count articles, and more.


Plagiarism can hurt your website’s ranking. This tool works as a detection service to see whether similar text appears somewhere else on the internet. What’s great about Copyscape is the ability to run content through the checker before you publish, preventing you from having to clean up pages later. The tool also helps you from posting duplicate content on your site.

Google Search Console

Previously known as Google Webmaster Tools, Google Search Console is free of charge to all users. A quick scan provides insights into how your keywords perform, looks at user experience issues, and highlights failed attempts at indexing. This tool reveals all the pages that have been indexed by Google and it’s possible to go back as far as 16 months to look at data.


With free and paid options, this tool lets you easily test the performance of your website. Get information on loading times, user experience, and discover optimization opportunities. The scores you receive are compared to other websites, and you’ll get a list of actionable items to make improvements.

HubSpot Website Grader

Just enter your URL and learn about your website’s performance in seconds; a report card pops up to indicate actionable items to improve your SEO efforts. Sign up for the HubSpot Academy SEO course and receive how-to tips on optimizations, ways to improve the user experience, how to implement website security best practices, and more.

Moz Local

This SEO audit tool boosts your local visibility. Easy to use and easy on your budget, this is especially good to use if you’re creating and managing local business listings on Google, Facebook, and other platforms. Quickly monitor reviews and ratings, make updates, and prevent duplicate listings.

PageSpeed Insights

Powered by Google Lighthouse, this is one of the completely free SEO audit tools. Run tests on your URLs to get performance scores for desktop and mobile devices. Learn about page loading speeds, user experience, and your website’s adherence to best practices. Get suggestions on how to make improvements to your pages so they load faster.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is used by some of the biggest brands in the industry, including Apple, Amazon, Disney, and Google. Take advantage of the free offering of up to 500 URLs per crawl or upgrade to the paid platform to get access to advanced features that allow you to find broken links, errors, duplicate content, and other issues that slow your site performance.


As one of the leading SEO audit tools, it features an all-in-one digital marketing suite that helps with keyword research, competitor intelligence, paid ad research, content optimization, rank tracking, and social media monitoring. It scans websites to discover more than 130 technical and SEO errors and categorizes them based on severity so you know what to address first. Are you a visual learner? You’ll get intuitive graphs to help you out.


Loaded with features, it allows you instant access to top pages, ranking history, and backlink strategies. SpyFu combines multiple tools to provide information on keywords, competitors, and PPC research. Run reports and get unlimited access to data.

Be SEO-friendly  

T.E. Digital can help you with an SEO audit and creating SEO-friendly content. Want other helpful marketing tips, including information on SEO and content marketing strategies? Get them sent directly to your email box by signing up for the T.E. Digital newsletter. Need assistance right away? Contact a member of our team who will be happy to answer your questions. The consultation is absolutely free.

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