• Video is a natural fit for mobile marketing

Video is a natural fit for mobile marketing

Discussions around mobile marketing are being to take our online world by storm. As more people rely on their mobile devices to make purchases, connect with brands and socialize it is become in more critical for small business owners of all types to at least be aware of this growing mobile marketing phenomenon.

A major component of what makes mobile marketing effective is the use of video and recently in the MediaPost Vidblog I found an interesting article, Mobile Video Ads Growing Fast; Will Mobile Video Trump Online Pre-Rolls? , The part that really stood out to me was this..

Mobile phones generate a much higher click through – 4.5 times – than that of online video, according to a new report from video vendor Videology.On mobile phones the messaging is often more targeted, the calls to action are stronger, and consumers are also more connected to their phones, Videology said. A mobile phone feels personal and thus can elicit more response.

Video is just a natural fit for mobile devices and if you have been sitting on the fence about investing a little time and money in producing video for your small business maybe now is the time to jump right in.

SmallBusinessTrends.com has some great tips. Here is my favorite.

1. Make it personal.

If your video doesn’t have a personality, then neither does your business – at least not as far as the viewer is concerned. Generic shots of b-roll office environments and stock photography tell viewers that your company is just that – a generic, stock, unoriginal service. People want professional, but they don’t want boring. Don’t be afraid to show footage of actual employees – maybe a few seconds of greeting from your CEO if possible. This will yield a more personal feel and a better connection with potential clients. A sense of humor can also establish a sense of personality – but don’t overdo it! You don’t have to be doing standup comedy in your office, but a few quirky scenes or funny lines can be what keep your viewers from clicking away.

Read more to get the other 4 tips…

If you have any great small business video success stories, please share. I would love to hear about them.

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