• 5 Great Ways to Market Your Tourism Destination

5 Great Ways to Market Your Tourism Destination

When you’ve got a great tourism destination, you want visitors to pack their bags and come to you. In order to gain their interest and get that eager traveler, consider some tactics to enhance your marketing strategy. Here are some ideas to attract tourists.

Create a guide for your tourism destination

Most visitors will not know your area well. Provide them with an informative and fun guide to introduce them to the surroundings and all they can do during a visit. How important is a guide? Research shows nearly 70% of people travel to a destination after receiving a guide.

Put the guide on your website, but don’t hide it. Make it easy to find, read, and understand. Load it up with high-quality photos and content to make it valuable to the visitor. Consider putting a form on your website and asking visitors to provide contact information for a downloadable version or provide special local insight or coupons in return for their data. This allows you to follow up directly to further engage these visitors.

Provide photos and videos  

A picture is worth a thousand words. Travelers want a way to visualize the experience they might have at your destination. TripAdvisor found that 76% of their users were influenced about booking a destination based on traveler-submitted photos. Consider including a forum on your website where visitors can provide their pictures or integrate Instagram into your website design.

Videos help convey a large amount of information about a destination within a span of just a couple of minutes and people love a good story. This video for Las Vegas tourism became an online sensation with more than 9 million views.

Research by Google found almost 50% of travelers use online video before deciding where to vacation. Another 67% consult video when choosing a destination or activities within a destination.

Engage visitors with a social media challenge

When you gather email subscribers or have numerous Facebook fans, you know you have an audience that wants to receive your message and engage with you. Reach out to those groups with a special challenge. Develop a marketing strategy to generate buzz about your tourism destination. For example, over the course of a week, ask visitors to post ideas about their favorite things to do at your destination and share that idea with their friends. Consider rewarding the best concept with a prize.

Make it easy to book your tourism destination

Once you’ve enticed a visitor, why not make it easy for him or her to book a stay? Provide easy access to an online booking agent through your site so a traveler can take the next step to make travel arrangements. You might also consider partnering with other local venues and/or services and providing ways a visitor can book a hotel stay, get tickets for entertainment, reserve a table at an area restaurant, or rent bicycles from a local business.

Use PPC advertising to drive traffic to your tourism destination

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is helpful for many businesses and can be especially effective for marketing tourism destinations. Google AdWords often result in higher conversion rates than other types of advertising. There are a number of case studies that show how effective Facebook ads can be for growing travel business.

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