• 5 Great Topics to Post on Your Hotel Blog

5 Great Topics to Post on Your Hotel Blog

Simply having a website for your hotel won’t fill your rooms with guests. Consistently posting content to a hotel blog is an excellent way to gain traffic and attract potential customers. In fact, research shows websites that contain a blog tend to have 434% more indexed pages than a website without a blog.

In addition to better SEO rankings, a blog helps:

  • Draw readers into other pages of your website
  • Get content shared on social media by readers
  • Build relationships with potential and existing customers
  • Present additional public relations and marketing opportunities

How to get started with a hotel blog

Sometimes it can be difficult to come up with content. When you post, you want to give readers a taste of what makes your hotel extra special. To come up with ideas, sit and make a list such as:

  • Breathtaking views
  • New renovations
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Unforgettable dining experience
  • Themed hotel rooms
  • Unique amenities

Remember, hotels have a lot to offer in many different areas. Don’t limit yourself. Everything from the front desk to the thread count of the sheets can be taken into consideration. Also, keep in mind that today’s blog readers love a good story. When you decide on a topic, be sure to craft it in a way that engages the reader.

Top topic suggestions for your hotel blog

Here are some topic ideas to start you on your journey to blogging:

Food and drink: If your hotel has a restaurant or bar, start there. Write about seasonal dishes, special offerings, discounted meals, or other offerings for your guests. If you don’t have anything on the hotel grounds, provide insight on nearby restaurants or bars. Focus on some of those restaurant’s special dishes or unique beverages. Visitors want insight on what to order. Provide your expertise via your blog posts.

Local events: Guests are always looking for things to do. Consider putting together an editorial calendar and picking some of the best events to feature for the month and blog on those topics. Consider creating top 10 lists or write about each individual event. Share information about what attendees can expect, why locals love to go and why a guest should make time to attend.

Local sites: Visitors enjoy finding venues that are unique to the area they visit. Write about local tourist attractions, entertainment options such as theaters or music halls, hiking trails, even historic statues or points of interest. Has a movie or television show ever filmed nearby? Was a celebrity born in town? Is that ornate lamppost a gift from a sister city? Guests gobble up interesting facts and insider information. Even the seemingly sleepiest town has a good story or two to share.

Employee of the day: Hotel guests have come to expect and appreciate great customer service. Share stories about your staff and how they aim to provide the best visitor experience. Showcase long-time employees, chefs, concierges, lifeguards, and other personnel that make the day in the life of your hotel special.

Money-saving assistance: Travelers are always looking for ways to save during their travels. Help your budget-conscious guests with information on ways to make their dollar go further during their stay. For example, provide information on local venues with free WiFi, discounted dining deals, coupons for local shops, and attractions that don’t cost a cent such as local parks, hiking trails, or even late-day museum visits.

In addition to the topics you set out to write, consider providing a link to ask readers to rate how valuable they found the information or ask them what they wish to see in the future. Their valuable feedback will provide you with topics they will return to read and likely share with others.

At T.E. Digital, we understand the importance of a blog for a hotel’s website and the hotel’s overall business strategy. If you need any help with an editorial calendar, topic ideas, or creating compelling content in a consistent manner, just give us a call so we can assist.

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