• Ways to Effectively Use Instagram for Tourism Marketing

Ways to Effectively Use Instagram for Tourism Marketing

When people travel, they shoot hundreds of photos. Instagram, the most popular photo-sharing social media platform, is a great way to engage users. The “book now” button that allows users to simply click and make travel plans is a great benefit that should make tourism marketers want to jump on the platform and start using the tool to showcase their locations.  If you are thinking about becoming one of the millions of daily users on Instagram, you’ll want to use it effectively.

Frequency Means Followers with Instagram for Tourism Marketing

Every social media platform requires consistency. More than other platforms, Instagram truly thrives on frequency. When you decide to use Instagram to promote your business, you will need to post at least twice a week to see steady growth. Users who begin to follow your account will fall off if you do not post often enough. Major brands post an average of 1.5 times per day. If you’re just thinking about starting Instagram for tourism marketing, make sure you can dedicate resources to post properly.

Quality Over Quantity When Using Instagram for Tourism Marketing

While it is important to post frequently, make sure whatever you decide to post is worth posting. Images should be sharp, have a strong focal point, and not be too small. Remember that the bulk of Instagram users are using mobile devices. Tiny and blurry images won’t get the engagement you desire.

When it comes to tourism marketing, keep your goal in mind: you are trying to motivate users. Thus, the images you share should make someone want to pack their bags to get to your destination. If you don’t have those kinds of images, it’s always better to not post at all than to post poor-quality content. Take the time to create the kind of picture that really is worth a thousand words.

Hashtag Instagram for Tourism Marketing

It is absolutely vital to use hashtags on Instagram. They are an extremely important part of the search function allowing users to find your posts. Those posts that have at least one hashtag average 12.6 percent more engagement than those that do not have one.

Before posting, invest time in developing a hashtag strategy. Use strong, relevant search terms and words that are unique to your brand. Having an effective hashtag strategy will help get your posts discovered by your target audiences.

Does the thought of using Instagram for tourism marketing spark your interest, but you don’t know to apply it to your destination? At T.E. Digital, we understand Instagram and how it can benefit your overall business strategy. If you need any help creating compelling content, just give us a call so we can assist.

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