Top Social Media Advertising Emerging Trends in 2016

There’s little question that even the most well-respected and long-established brands can benefit from having a robust and interactive social media presence. For small businesses and startups, social media advertising may be the primary means by which you reach new customers. For those new to social media advertising, there is a lot more to it than creating a funny meme with your brand’s watermark or purchasing an ad via Facebook Ads.

Personalized Marketing: One of the best things about social media advertising is that, with proper data collection and analytics, it is relatively simply to see what efforts garner the best returns and what ideas fall short. This allows companies to engage in one of the fastest growing areas of marketing and advertising: personalized marketing. Personalized marketing allows businesses to fine tune their offers by helping companies get the right sales, products, and emails in front of the right segment of their customer base.

Social Media Influencers: In lieu of traditional celebrities, many companies are shelling out big dollars for endorsements, often subtle, ongoing ones, from “social media influencers.” These are everyday people with thousands of followers on various social media platforms whose opinions can truly influence their followers. Their perception as a typical person and not a traditional celebrity can go a long way toward establishing additional value in their endorsements, largely because many social media users are still unaware that these influencers are often cashing checks for snapping a picture with a brand sign and cheeseburger.

Professional Brand Advocates: There are also professional brand advocates, who search out conversations about products or brands on social media platforms and share their own, positive experiences. The use of brand advocates and similar “guerilla” advertising techniques that don’t conform to traditional expectations of advertising will likely become more common online as social media use becomes increasing ubiquitous.

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John Walker, Co-founder of Talent Evolution and Chief Solutions Officer, has more than 20 years of online marketing expertise in social media, mobile, video and viral campaigns. He has a strong background in digital capabilities including Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC).

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