• 5 Reasons It’s A Good Idea To Hire A Digital Marketing Agency For Your Law Firm

Why Digital Marketing is Important for a Law Firm

Having an effective marketing strategy is a proven method for growing business.

If you recognize the need to begin marketing to attract clients into your legal practice, you may wonder how or where to begin.

Outsourcing your digital marketing can be a very effective investment for your law firm. Here are five reasons why an agency can be a benefit.


Attorneys are experts in law and law schools likely don’t teach a minute of digital marketing. Thus, it makes sense to tap an agency with expertise in marketing.

Using an agency means bringing many talents to the table because effective campaigns typically use a team of specialists rather than a single person.

When you work with experts in the digital marketing field, you get a better return on your investment because campaigns often require in-depth knowledge of a wide array of topics, such as SEO, branding, email marketing, social media, rich media for mobile and analysis.

Digital marketing experts not only dedicate themselves to these topics, they reduce the chance of committing errors that might occur when you take a do-it-yourself approach.

In the end, it’s a better value for money and time spent.

Time savings

Even law practice owners who have some knowledge about marketing must admit they are lawyers first and foremost.

Agencies have more time to devote to marketing efforts than you do. Hiring an agency allows you to concentrate on what you know best.

Why not get the best results from experts who can devote their day to the process?


A good digital marketing agency will always develop a budget that specifically addresses the unique efforts needed to reach your goals.

Their expertise allows them to define strategies and quickly find ways to enhance and fully integrate with other marketing efforts. 

Additionally, by monitoring metrics, using valuable data and measuring results, an agency can offer insight to more cost-effective marketing methods that you did not know existed or you may not have employed.

Agencies have tools

Agencies not only have the tools to create content that will bring a high level of engagement, they keep current on updates to use the most effective tools in the industry.

Depending on the goals of your law practice, various digital marketing methods such as newsletters, videos, social media or pay-per-click marketing may be necessary.

You don’t have to spend time finding appropriate software to buy and then learning how to use it. When you hire an agency, team members come to the table with tools that allow them to immediately jump into efforts.

Fresh ideas

While you know your law practice, you may not know what the competition is doing (and why they seem to bring in more clients).

A good digital marketing agency, with their expertise and tools, will be able to get the full picture of what’s happening across the legal industry.

This not only brings a fresh perspective, but also allows you to develop a more effective marketing strategy.

Even if you’ve already begun marketing your law practice, if you only use the strategy you know, how would you know if improvements can be made?

A marketing agency can help target the high-value clients your practice is seeking and offers views you haven’t had before. Providing fresh ideas can help improve the success of your business overall. 

Ready to get started?

Taking on marketing efforts on your own may seem complex and overwhelming. 

The T.E. Digital team has experience with legal marketing that can help your business grow. Just give us a call.

We’ll start with a conversation about your practice and goals to see how a digital marketing strategy can help.

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