• How To Utilize Artificial Intelligence In Marketing

How to Utilize Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

4 Ways to Enhance Your Marketing Strategy with AI

Artificial intelligence (AI), the newest practice of data-driven marketing strategy, is becoming increasingly important. If you’re unsure about how to incorporate artificial intelligence in marketing, let’s take a look at ways to put it into practice and improve your overall strategy.

Personalize personas

If you’re going to be relevant to your target audience, you need to identify those consumers. When creating personas, it’s important to get as detailed as possible and to stay accurate. The world is changing so rapidly, and people adapt and change with it. Personas created today (or months ago) need to stay up-to-date. Marketers shouldn’t have to guess. The Big Data of AI relies on facts to define audience characteristics. Algorithms and behavioral analysis help provide a more comprehensive view. Using this tactic actually saves time and money and may also identify previously untapped customers.

More effective social media listening 

We’ve talked previously about how important social media listening is for helping you learn about customers and growing your business. Monitoring of platforms to see what people are saying about your brand and the experiences they are having with your company is near impossible to do manually. As people share vital information on social media, AI monitoring tools can keep tabs on what’s being said, including trending topics, specific mentions, and overall customer sentiment. Artificial intelligence also helps define thoughts of important influencers.

Optimize digital advertising 

As the world becomes more personalized, customers respond to advertisements that specifically target them. Using AI taps into information such as social media profiles, keyword searches and other data to help your ad creation. Utilizing this insight allows you to put together more effective digital ads that get the response you intend.

Better journey profiling

In order to create an effective strategy, you need to know the path customers take. Until now, it’s been difficult to see where consumers go when they switch interactions. Now artificial intelligence tools can easily track where people go and what they click, providing a more holistic view of customer behavior as well as a more comprehensive picture of how and when your customers interact with your brand.

Here to help

Once you recognize how AI can be used, you may wonder how to implement it. The T.E. Digital team has expertise with a variety of artificial intelligence tools, just give us a call. Let’s have a conversation about your brand, business goals and how to improve your overall marketing strategy with AI.

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