• 5 Winning Social Media Strategies From a Master Marketer

5 Winning Social Media Strategies From a Master Marketer

Businesses that use social media always seek the best ways to generate traffic, increase engagement and conversions. In an article in Entrepreneur, Nathan Pirtle, a social media / digital marketing specialist who works with high-profile and celebrity clients, shared five personal strategies he discovered that can also help your brand.

  • Stop being a robot

It is important to be personal with people on social media instead of relying on programs and apps to do the job. People prefer the real you, not an automated social media tool.

  • Provide real content

Keep in mind the “80/20 Rule”: 80 percent of social media content should be things that interest your audience, 20 percent of the content promotes your brand. Figure out what your audience likes and share motivational, helpful and funny memes and content on a continual basis.

  • Learn to follow in order to lead.

Follow and follow back everyone who is relevant to your business.  

  • Measure success from engagement

Set goals for yourself within your brand. Keep track of users who always comment, share, and like your posts.  Respond to those people. It’s important to establish a set of goals so that you can measure your engagement success on your social platform of choice in order to develop better content for them.

  • Build the relationship

Treat your marketing relationship the way you would treat a long lasting relationship. Doing so creates brand and opens up new opportunities for those who don’t yet know your brand.  

Whether your business hasn’t yet established social media accounts or you have them and want to use them to their full advantage, contact us. Talent Evolution will help you develop a strategy that targets your specific audience in a way that is engaging and will build relationships. Take your brand to the next level. We’ll get you there.

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