5 Ways to Grow your Business with a Facebook Business Page

Anyone who finds your Facebook business page is a potential customer! Here are five tips to make sure you make a great first impression and turn the visitor into an engaged customer.

Anyone who finds your Facebook business page is a potential customer! Here are five tips to make sure you make a great first impression and turn the visitor into an engaged customer.
1.  Have a Plan. Before you create a Facebook page for your business, it is important to define clear marketing goals. What are the intended purpose and desired outcome? Consider the following: is your Facebook page being created to:

  • Raise awareness
  • Educate or provide insight about your business
  • Increase audience
  • Engage audience
  • Generate new business
  • Grow sales with current customers
  • Drive traffic to another online or offline property

Once you have defined the goal(s) for your Facebook page you can create targeted content that will engage and motivate your potential customer in a way that adheres to the purpose(s) you’ve set.

2. Put your best foot forward. You wouldn’t open a retail store and leave a bunch of empty space on the shelves; you would maximize and display as much as possible. Treat your Facebook page in the same manner. Take time to carefully fill out all information section, making sure to provide as much detail as possible about your business. Include relevant, good quality photos and any branding you use in other traditional marketing (business logo, slogan, etc). Use Facebook iFrames to further customize your page and make it stand out.

3. Give potential (and existing) customers an incentive to join. Offer something special for those who “like” your page and reward them for coming back often. Whether offering exclusive content, coupons, discounts and/or contests, encourage page visitors and current customers to “like” your page to gain access to your community and enjoy the exclusivity of being “in” the community. To create exclusivity, consider making your landing page a “teaser” page which promises a reward for official fans.

4. Make it easy to recommend your Facebook page. Take advantage of THE best marketing tool a business can employ: word of mouth referral. Make it easy for your loyal fans to share their love for your business by getting the Facebook page vanity URL as quickly as possible (a vanity URL can be set once you have 25 Facebook friends who “like” your page). Also, add a “Like” button or embed an “invite your friends” box in all of your other online properties (website, blog and email signatures). If you have a brick and mortar location, make sure flyers, signs, menus, etc promote your Facebook page and the benefits of joining. And always include your Facebook page on your business card!

5.   Use Facebook to market yourself an expert or destination. Use the Facebook newsfeed as a business billboard to not only entice, engage, and/or entertain potential customers, but also to brand yourself an expert in your field or your store as THE destination to find the products you carry. By posting current news items related to your business, helpful tips and/or links to resources (preferably within one of your other online properties like a website or blog), your business will consistently stream in your customer’ and potential customers’ news feeds…subliminally reminding them of your expertise or ‘must visit’ destination.

Need help getting your business Facebook page created? Want to evaluate and improve your existing business Facebook page? Or just don’t have the time to manage successful engagement on your business Facebook page? Talent Evolution can help! Whether starting from scratch, adding a few “bells and whistles” or managing your page on a daily/weekly basis so you can just focus on getting down to business…contact Talent Evolution today to employ a team of experts to take your Facebook presence to the next level.

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