• 5 Reasons We Love the Woo Commerce Platform

5 Reasons We Love the Woo Commerce Platform

There are many eCommerce platforms available, but which one should you start with? There’s quite a few that are very popular, but WooCommerce has some many positive points. For example:

1. It’s inexpensive and easy to start with: Many of the WordPress one-click hosting providers offer eCommerce perks. However, you don’t need to have a tech guy in order to create a solid WooCrommerce experience and a powerful set of infrastructure features.

2. Many customizable designs at WooCommerce: One of the biggest IT communities is WordPress. As WooCommerce grows, more and more small to medium sized companies have used it to focus their expertise on it. Many of the WooCommerce themes look amazing, and the WooThemes guys have their free Storefront available to make your life at little easier.

3. WooCommerce has a great mobile app: There’s a great iPhone app that is connected to your company’s online store. You can easily manage your online store away from your laptop or computer.

4. Conversion rates are higher with WooCommerce: No account is needed in order to place an order, which really helps out your conversion rates. The default setting for checkout is one-page. Customers can enjoy a straightforward and simple checkout process.

5. WooCommerce has good code architecture: This means that your tech guys will love this platform. Developing “custom anything” is so much faster than any other eCommerce platform available today.

As you can see there are a number of reasons to love the WooCommerce eCommerce platform.


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