• 7 Key Digital Marketing Trends in 2017

7 Key Digital Marketing Trends in 2017

As summer approaches and the second half of the year looms with promise, it’s important to recognize industry trends and use them to your advantage.

7 Key Digital Marketing Trends in 2017

Challenges present themselves, but technologies are ever evolving. Keep watch on these digital marketing trends as you grow your business:

  1. Customized Marketing. More and more companies are using deep data analysis to modify and customize their approaches to different subgroups of their customer or client base. Because you are more focused and direct in customized marketing, these campaigns tend to have better conversion rates than broader marketing efforts.
  2. Social Media Marketing. Social media marketing is more than just paying for a sponsored post on a social media platform. It also means cultivating a social media presence that accurately portrays your brand and encourages viral sharing of your social media content.
  3. Personalized Videos. If you haven’t seen a personalized marketing video yet, chances are good that you will in 2017. Most of these personalized videos require viewers to share certain information or access from a social media platform. The video, in turn, plugs in their personal information, such as a name, avatar image, or location, to make the viewing experience highly personalized and engaging.
  4. Mobile Marketing. Mobile marketing can be the development of a branded app, investment in advertisements inside popular apps, or expanding your mobile website content.
  5. Marketing Automation. This can overlap with both personalized videos and customized marketing. One highly successful example of marketing automation is programming your website to automatically follow up at certain intervals with visitors and registered users who have shown interest in a product but have not yet purchased it.
  6. Search Engine Optimization. While it isn’t directly marketing, it is a means of ensuring your website reaches more visitors. SEO has changed greatly over the last decade and it’s always important to keep up on latest trends to ensure your content and your business continues to be found. What worked a few years ago, likely doesn’t work now.
  7. Content Marketing. Content marketing has been big for several years, since the biggest search engines started cracking down on keyword stuffing and paid link sharing. Now, websites generate unique content meant to engage their target audience. The higher the perceived value to the visitors, the more effective the content will be.


At Talent Evolution, we do digital differently. It’s important for us to not only keep an eye on trends, but remain ahead of the curve. We can help you apply these tools. Give us a call and we’ll explain how.

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