• 5 Key Website Analytics

5 Key Website Analytics

The data collected from visitors to your website can be very important to fine-tuning your marketing efforts as well as your products and other online offerings. By reviewing analytics, you can discover quite a bit about who is visiting your website and why.

Here are some key analytics to consider:

1. How much traffic do you have? The number of daily visitors is a good indicator of how effective your marketing is. Does it go up sharply when you are active on social media? Do your blog posts impact traffic? Look at increases and spikes in traffic. This will help you define popularity of content and trends.

2. Where is the traffic coming from? The referrals report or source of your traffic is important. Are customers arriving at your website after following a link you or one your social media followers shared? Were they referred via an article or online review board? Understanding where traffic comes from allows you to be sure to populate those areas more often.

3. What pages are visited the most? How many of your visitors end up on the same pages of your website? This can help you tailor future content to better attract customers and keep them engaged.

4. What are the bounce and exit rates for your site? What percentage of visitors land on a single page and leave your site without exploring? This is called your bounce rate. If bounce rates is high, it may be indicative of issues with your website content or your advertising practices. Conversely, ask what percentage of visitors end up clicking through several pages and better acquainting themselves with your website and business? The higher this number, the better job your website and advertising are doing at attracting and retaining the right visitors.

5. How many visitors become customers/subscribers? This figure, called your conversion rate, shows how effectively you are targeting your customer base with your online presence. You want to make sure you are most relevant to your target customer so a visitor can be converted to a customer or subscriber.

Remember, if you are not looking at your data, you may be wasting time and energy in your marketing efforts if you are blindly posting information. Using the various analytics to fine-tune your marketing approach, social media efforts, and website design can be invaluable to growing your business.


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