• 5 Top Digital Marketing Trends For 2022

5 Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2022

Update Marketing Strategies in New Year

If you want your business to grow, you can’t continue to do the same thing over and over again. Keeping pace with digital marketing trends can help your company evolve and so you can see success in 2022. Here are 5 digital marketing trends to consider folding into your marketing strategy in the New Year:

  1. Video marketing
  2. Show diversity
  3. Leverage LinkedIn
  4. Interactive content
  5. Protect privacy
  1.   Video marketing

Is this a new trend? Well, not exactly. We’ve been touting the benefits of video marketing for years. But now it’s 2022 and there are two sing-songy syllables that have changed the digital marketing game: TikTok. This video-based social media platform has taken the industry by storm, even surpassing Google as the most popular website of 2021. TikTok now has one billion — yes, with a B — active users worldwide. Plus, studies show: 

  • 74% of marketers found video had a better ROI than static imagery.  
  • 78% of marketers reported a better ROI than Google Ads.  
  • 72% of people reported that video reduced their stress level during the pandemic and made them happy.

Cisco predicts that “by 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic — 15 times higher than it was in 2017.” Businesses that want to stay competitive need to explore ways that video can be applied to their marketing strategy.

  1. Show diversity

It’s not just something in the news, diversity and representation issues are becoming more and more important to consumers. In 2022, businesses really need to step back to examine the face they show the public. It’s also important to explore how welcoming your brand is to a diverse population. Take steps to be more inclusive with your marketing strategy, including making the company website ADA compliant.

  1.   Leverage LinkedIn

Research shows the LinkedIn user rate is growing faster than expected and it’s predicted to reach 68.8 million by 2022. The platform continues to launch new features to drive better results for businesses, including LinkedIn live videos, LinkedIn polls, LinkedIn Cover Story, and more. If you’re not yet using LinkedIn as part of your marketing strategy, consider it in the New Year.

  1.   Interactive content

Want to engage your target audience? Be interactive. Today’s consumers are seeking content experiences that go beyond traditional text. Studies back this up as 81% of marketers found interactive content to be more effective than static content and 73% said it enhances message retention. Consider the following effective interactive efforts:

  • Polls
  • Surveys
  •  Quizzes
  •  3-D images
  •  Calculators
  • Augmented reality 
  1.   Protect privacy

Research by McKinsey & Company found, “As consumers become more careful about sharing data, and regulators step up privacy requirements, leading companies are learning that data protection and privacy can create a business advantage.” As you plan 2022, include a way to build a data protection strategy that puts your customer’s needs first. Use data to reach the right customers, enable HTTPS protocol, and consider privacy-protecting searches on your website.

Here to help

If 2022 is the year you want to try something new that can help your business and you’d like to incorporate some of these new trends, contact us for a free consultation. Leverage the T.E. Digital team of experts. We’ve got years of experience assisting small- and medium-sized businesses reach their goals through effective digital marketing efforts. Find out how we can help you.

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