• 5 Website Security Trends

5 Website Security Trends

Every year, technology marches forward. As it does, those who use it maliciously become more adept at what they do. Thankfully, website security measures grow to counter that threat. Allowing your website security to stagnate can compromise your business’ data. Here are some trends in website security that can help improve your awareness of where online security is heading.  

1) Increasing digitalization means increased demand. There is massive demand for website security, and it continues to grow. There will be fierce competition for the best names and companies in the industry. The sooner your website contracts with a website security company, the better.

2) Websites will be secured against the internet of things. Interconnected devices like DVRs and smart refrigerators have been infected with viruses, hijacked by hackers and used to interrupt Internet service to millions. Due to the success of these attacks, more websites will be taking steps to prevent DDOS and similar attacks by these devices.

3) Increasingly complex security measures will be necessary to keep out hackers. As those who misuse technology improve in skill, the security measures necessary to protect your website will become more complex. For many businesses, this task may soon exceed the abilities of their in-house information technology team, requiring the assistance of cyber security specialists. From secure servers to data encryption, advanced security measures will be necessary to protect your company’s data and your customer’s personal financial and account information that has been shared with your business.

4) Biometrics will continue to grow more popular. Devices and online accounts that are secured by facial recognition, fingerprints, or even voice are becoming more popular. They are often harder to overcome or trick than traditional password systems or even digital encryption in some cases.

5) Autonomy is more important than ever. At one time, consumers put matters of privacy and security in the hands of big service providers. Many times, they’ve been burned as those providers were hacked or service failures occurred. Private clouds are now in high demand as consumers look toward more personal clouds.

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