• 10 Ways to Optimize Your Website for Online Sales

10 Ways to Optimize Your Website for Online Sales

No one formula exists that will suddenly turn every business website into a sales machine. Still, there are things you can do to make what you’re selling attractive and accessible to your target market. Here are 10 ways to optimize your website for online sales:

  1. Make Marketing Talk to Sales Sales people are on the front lines, and have great insight for the marketing team. Utilize your in-house resources.
  2. Keep Customers in the Loop Notify people when deals are coming up, or when hot ones are nearing an end.
  3. Offer Multiple Promotions If you only feature one, it probably won’t appeal to the majority. Multiple options mean more customers will find a deal.
  4. Check Your Ads Are you using relevant keywords and including calls to action? Do you include links in your online ads
  5. Team with Online Influences Bloggers and online communities can spread the word. Find your fans, and offer perks for promoting your brand.
  6. Create Deals for Repeat Customers and Referrals Offer incentives for coming back and bringing friends, as these customers are much easier to reach than new ones.
  7. Suggestive Selling Suggest less expensive, related products after customers have decided to buy.
  8. Include Good Images Nothing makes a product more attractive than a high quality picture of it.
  9. Do Some Testing Whether this is in-house or with an agency, testing can let you know what works and what doesn’t.
  10. Website Redesign A new look can work wonders for boosting sales!

What do you think? What has had the biggest impact on sales for your website? Tell me about it in the comments below!

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