• T.e. Support Implements Freshdesk To Streamline Processes

When you hire a team to take care of your website, you want to know that staff is there for you. Now, whenever one of our clients needs help with their website, social media, or any of the other fields we run, all they need to do is submit a ticket! This system helps streamline the process and get your issues solved, faster!

Use of New Tool Enhances Customer Support

T.E. has implemented a new support desk system to help make the process easier: Freshdesk. With it, we are streamlining the support process. This means it’s much easier for clients to contact us, submit support requests and check on the status of the tickets.
Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer service software providing help desk support solutions. With a comprehensive set of tools and features that provide important status, contextual info, private notes, and more, it allows us to better serve customers by using various channels integrated with a single ticketing platform. Simply, it allows us to get things done faster because we streamline all conversations in one place and collaborate more easily to resolve issues in a timely fashion.

T.E. joins other companies around the world who use Freshdesk to deliver exceptional customer service and experience.

Step by step
It works like this:

  • To get started, when clients have an issue or want to utilize their website maintenance hours credit, they can simply send an email to our support system.
  • As soon as we receive the email, they will be sent a confirmation that their request has been logged into our system. This email will include a ticket link specific to this request.
  • After the initial confirmation, they will receive another email directly from the T.E. team member assigned to their ticket. They will also receive an approximate timeline and information about resolution time.

Mutual benefits

Your website affects the way you do business. At T.E., we understand that when you have tech issues, they can slow you down and potentially impact your bottom line. By implementing this new and more robust process, we’re working with our clients to address problems and lessen that burden.

With Freshdesk, we can be more responsive, address and resolve issues in a more timely manner and with clearer communication between our clients and T.E. support team members.

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