• Finding your brand voice for Social Media

Finding Your Brand Voice for Social Media

In order to be heard, you need the brand voice your customers want to hear. When businesses work to develop a digital marketing strategy, they are often advised to develop their “own brand voice” for social media. Here are a few tips to help explain and guide you to find an authentic brand voice for the platforms you use.

What is a brand voice?

Companies large and small will find social media success when they create a strong and consistent voice that develops and builds relationships with the target audience. It’s important that audience members like and relate to your brand.

When you create your overall brand strategy, you come to understand your target market and create personas based on this data. When you decide to dive into using social media, go back to those personas and ask: “Who would my brand be if it was a real person talking to them?” To discover the voice of your brand, just consider what that real person would sound like.  

Tone is important to brand voice

Voice is the expression of your brand’s personality. It will tell your story. When you think voice, think adjectives: professional, positive, peppy, playful, confident, casual, calm, or cynical, just to name a few. Whatever you decide, the brand voice should remain consistent regardless of the social media platform.

Tone, on the other hand, is what may differ from platform to platform depending on the purpose of your social media message, target audience, and the way those users interact with that platform. It’s helpful to take note of the language and tone customers use during these interactions.

Why brand voice and tone matter anyway

Organizations use social media to develop relationships and build trust. Nothing will turn off a prospective customer quicker than a brand that is robotic and simply focused on a sale. Take time to understand your target audience and what they need and want. Create a voice that sets you apart from the competition and work to fulfill your audience’s desires. Use the appropriate tone to humanize the brand and help communicate your values and mission.

As you move forward with your strategy, always keep in mind the purpose behind why you are on social media and what you want to offer your audience. Then, watch social media metrics to see how the target audience communicates with you, about you, and with others. This will show you the success of your brand voice.

At T.E. Digital, we understand how important it is to develop a unique and authentic brand voice. If you need any help with your strategy, creating personas, or finding your voice, just give us a call so we can assist.

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