SEO: Three Recent Google Algorithm Updates Explained

To keep your website on track with Google’s ranking systems it’s important to remember that there are constant updates. Here you can find three of the most important recent Google SEO updates to keep in mind when updating or maintaining your website.


1. Google Hummingbird
This update occurred in 2014, but it is incredibly relevant to the upkeep of any website. It deals with how results appear when a user searches for something on Google. Hummingbird considers the entire string of text rather than selecting only a few keys words. This means Google users are able to search and find more specific links, so make sure your website has specific content and wording that will help users find you.

2. Mobile-Friendly Algorithm
This update occurred in April 2015 and it affects Google searches performed on mobile devices. In order for your website to be included in the ranking for the mobile algorithm you must have a mobile-friendly site. Be sure to check out the Google Webmaster details to see if any updates are needed for your site.

3. Ban on Negative SEOs
Google is expected to make changes to ban negative SEOs in the future. While this update is still pending it’s important to watch the news for this to roll out and to protect your site in the meantime. You should be aware of the following:
a. Competitors might buy up links that will direct to your website. Google flags these as spam and can destroy your ranking
● Sign up for Google webmaster tools; they’ll send you alerts for strange activity.
b. Website Hacking
● Secure your website with a strong password
c. Fake reviews, so it looks like you paid for them
● Monitor your reviews on a rolling basis

By knowing about these three recent SEO updates you can help boost your ratings while protecting your website.



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