• 5 Elements To Include In Your Website Design

5 Elements to Include in Your Website Design

Crucial website design elements to be sure to have in the mix 

A modern website design that is relevant and accommodating to the needs of your target audience is vital to business today. Taking the next step is often a difficult one because stakeholders often wonder, “what needs to be on the website?” 

Let this guide you as we explore just some of the top must-have elements.

Strong layout and appearance

Most users stay on a website for about 15 seconds. In order to capture the attention of someone who has landed on your website, you have to be sure they can find what they are looking for. Strong layout correlates to users not only finding the information you want them to find but can increase leads and conversions. Stay organized and keep content digestible for visitors. Optimized photos, icons, and graphics need to be balanced with white space (or empty space) to keep the site from looking crowded.  

Large and unique typography

Because nearly every business has a website today, you want visitors to immediately identify your company over the competition. Choose a font that is recognizable and easy to read. Be cognizant of your overall brand (Are you funny? Serious? Casual? Conservative?) and be sure that is reflected in your selection.

A recent trend to consider is using different typography to lead readers to different parts of the page.  Whatever you choose, make sure your designer checks to see that the font it is applicable across all browsers. Choosing typography that looks awkward (or worse, doesn’t show up) on different devices is problematic.


There’s an old saying that “if you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.” You do not want your customers to be lost when they arrive at your site.  Always include navigational elements to help them along.

As you design, see where they work best — especially header, body, and footer —to direct your visitors to the information they seek. Strong navigation helps keep users on the site longer and leads to better conversion rates. In addition to getting to the next step, including landing pages or sign up boxes for future emails or updates about your business.

SEO boosters

Good website design means having a site that gets found. Don’t neglect to incorporate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) elements in the coding of your content such as meta tags, title tags, headings, and image tags. These will help the website climb the ranks in search engines. The keywords you use within the content are also important to SEO.

But wait, there’s more

Every business should have a website that is unique. There are other elements such as product images and videos that, depending on what product or service you provide, might also be an essential element to incorporate. Additionally, you absolutely must have a mobile-friendly website and one that is ADA compliant.

Take a look at 27 of the best website designs to get some inspiration. If you need some help to improve your website design, give T.E. Digital a call. Our team can assist by giving your company’s site the look it needs to stay true to your brand while generating traffic and positively impacting your bottom line.  

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