• What Awards Really Mean To Business

What Awards Really Mean to Business

That Trophy Case Represents Something Worth Noting

Once you acknowledge the need for digital marketing for your business, your stakeholders will likely start doing research and visit agency websites. You may notice some of them post information about awards they’ve won. Here at T.E. Digital, we are proud to be an award-winning digital marketing agency and make a point of showing off our achievements. When you see any agency with a trophy case in the lobby, you shouldn’t view it as vanity decoration. Instead, recognize the value that can be brought to your business. Here’s why:

Differentiating good from great

In an era when just about anyone can create a website, manage social media accounts and claim to be a marketing expert, agencies that offer up their content to be scrutinized by industry professionals and judged for their work put a lot on the line. As experts size up entries, they evaluate whether skill, creativity and execution stand above work done by others. 

T.E. Digital has taken home prizes from The Davey Awards and dotCOMM Awards. The Davey Awards is an international creative award focused exclusively on honoring outstanding creative work from the best small shops worldwide and honor the achievements of the “Creative David’s” who are smaller and do not have the big budget of giant companies and agencies. It’s a level playing field allowing entrants to compete with only their peers to win the recognition they deserve. This award shows how much small shops can deliver to businesses regardless of their size.

The dotCOMM Awards is administered and judged by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP), one of the largest, oldest and most respected evaluators of creative work in the marketing and communication industry. Winning a dotCOMM award signifies to clients and prospects (as well as other competitors) that the winner’s web and digital work is among the best in the industry.

At T.E. Digital, we are grateful when we take home the top prize. We also acknowledge that a lot can also be learned from coming in second place. Our team always strives to be great and if we don’t win Gold, we are humbled, learn from it and grow. Competition keeps us on our toes and helps us deliver the best for our clients.

Stability and goals

Any good business creates a plan and keeps initiatives in mind. T.E. Digital enters competitions when we feel we’ve done our best to follow those plans, deliver on expectations and meet goals. When our team takes home an award, it then sets the bar for our next achievement. Being an award-winning digital marketing agency reinforces company stability and our goals. We are able to take a step back, acknowledge our mission and see that we were rewarded because we kept on course. In order to repeat, we remain focused on what’s most important.

Impact on staff

Employees like to feel a part of a recognized team. Being recognized from the outside by a third-party association and industry experts is a boost to the T.E. Digital team every time we get word that our entries have won. Receiving an award not only raises morale, it stimulates creativity and inspires greatness. We want to be better than best and we aim for that.

Prizes await

Famed management expert Peter Drucker said, “Rank does not confer privilege or give power. It imposes responsibility.” At T.E. Digital, we’re proud to have a trophy case. Anyone who sees those awards may still ask, “What have you done? Who have you worked with? And what results have you gotten?” There’s no reason for any prospective client to simply be sold on prestigious awards.

While our creativity and expertise has delivered award-winning work for clients, the T.E. Digital team understands there is a responsibility to never rest on our laurels. Every day we come into work, we are dedicated to driving tangible results, improving SEO, fueling website traffic, growing business and creating success stories for our clients. Many times those efforts also get the big glitzy prize.

If your business is ready to evolve, just drop us a line or give us a call. Let’s discuss your goals and find ways our award-winning digital marketing agency can help bring you the results you desire.

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