• Which Industries Use Instagram For Business?

Which Industries Use Instagram for Business?

Is Instagram the Right Platform for your Social Media Strategy? 

Using Instagram for business for tourism marketing is a no-brainer, but the social media platform offers great marketing opportunities for a variety of other brands as well. If your business is wondering whether it’s right for your social media marketing strategy, take a look at which industries do best on the platform.

Audience to tap

When it comes to social media use, Instagram is only second to Facebook. (It’s one of the reasons Mark Zuckerberg bought it in 2012.) Instagram now has more than a billion monthly users (that’s one-eighth of the world’s population!) and 500 million people use the platform every single day.

Research shows that people remember 80% of what they see as opposed to what they read or hear. That’s why this visual platform works so well. In fact, 60% of users say they discover new products on Instagram and one-third of users have made a purchase using mobile.

While great photos drive audience attention, it’s important for businesses to compare their target audience personas with Instagram demographics to see how well they may align.

  • Users under age 35 make up more than 70% of active accounts 
  • 72% of teenagers use Instagram (second only to YouTube)
  • 71% are young adults (ages 18–24)
  • 21% of 50- to 64-year-olds 
  • 10% of Americans age 65 and older say they are also use Instagram.
  • More women than men use Instagram
  • Black Americans use Instagram the most (43%) compared to 38% Hispanic and 32% of white respondents to a Pew Study
  • More than 80% of Instagram’s user base consists of people living outside of the U.S.
  • As of January 2019, the countries with the most Instagram users are the U.S. (121 million), India (71 million), and Brazil (64 million)
  • Women make up 56% of Instagram’s user base in Latin America

Picture perfect 

If your brand is the least bit visual, Instagram is a great platform to utilize. Don’t know what photos to post to tell a good social media story? Consider the following:

Education: Photos and short videos of labs, sports, and activities help promote campus visits, encourage alumni involvement and boost attendance at workshops or other events. One study revealed 57% of colleges utilize social media as an important part of fundraising.  

Entertainment: Celebrities love Instagram and their fans love to follow them. Features such as Instagram Live and Instagram Stories are a great way to engage with users. But it’s not just performers who can benefit, venues, retail shops and ticket agents can use this platform to reach audiences in a more personalized way. 

Fashion: Because images and community are as vital to the fashion industry as to Instagram, this is a great match and a powerful platform. It’s also a way to start a trend faster than ever. Share new styles with millions of people within a matter of seconds and receive feedback at lightning speed. (Younger audience seek such instantaneous actions.) The “shop” button also allows this audience to purchase just as quickly.

Food and Drink: People today take so many photos of what they eat or drink that some chefs focus on creating Instagrammable meals. Bars, restaurants, bakeries, delis, catering businesses, grocers, manufacturers, suppliers, farmers markets and meal prep services of all sizes can benefit greatly from using Instagram for marketing purposes. Include photos of ingredients, staff and menus as well as complete dishes. 

Health and Wellness: Instagram posts are a great way to build rapport, trust and credibility with clients. Dieticians, personal trainers, and doctors can post images and videos to tell success stories such as before and after weight loss. Exercise techniques, vitamin supplements, recipes and healthy food choices are also good post options. Build your brand by showing all the ways your business holistically helps patients.

Real Estate: Agents, brokers, property managers and developers can showcase properties to potential customers with numerous photos from individual room features to street view. Utilizing hashtags such as #houseforsale or #apartmentforrent as well as location hashtags #downtown, #midcity, etc. allow users to quickly find what they are searching for.

Retail: Small- to medium-size businesses can hold their own with the big chains in the world of social media. Attention-grabbing and creative photos can tempt customers. It’s also an easy way to get feedback on new products. Consider utilizing Instagram as a customer service resource and respond when users don’t like or have a problem with a product or service.

Service: Landscapers, exterminators, plumbers and cleaning companies may not think their businesses are Instagramable, but they would be wrong. Because competitors may feel the same hesitation, posting on this platform means your brand will stand out. Create a strong profile, be creative and consistently post images that show how you meet your customer’s needs. Post photos of your crew and showcase projects. Reach out to people who care about their homes and show how you also care.  

Worth 1,000 words

When you realize Instagram can be utilized to benefit your brand, you’ll likely want to start or increase your Instagram posts. Taking time to produce high-quality images (and video content) pays off. Not sure where to start or what to do next? Give us a call, let’s have a conversation about where you are and where you want to be. T.E. Digital can help you create a social media strategy that incorporates Instagram best for your brand.

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