Importance of social media during a rebrand

  • Importance of social media during a rebrand

Importance of social media during a rebrand

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Importance of social media during a rebrand

Don’t forget this critical step of process

Rebranding is an important change that all successful companies typically go through at some point. Regardless of the reason for the update, when going through rebranding, it is essential to create consistency and be sure to tend to your social media during a rebrand.

Why it is important

Rebranding is not something that should be taken lightly. When a company makes a change, whether it be as small as the color or font in a logo or as large as a new mission, the existing and new customers need to understand the new brand and how it will serve them moving forward, even if it’s simply a “new and improved” way of what they have always come to know.

Being consistent with your rebrand across all channels of communication must include social media platforms. Thus, when taking steps toward a successful rebrand, prepare a smooth transition of your social media presence. Be sure to update the look, feel and method of communication as necessary, but don’t forget to explain what is happening and why.  Doing so will ensure followers are aware of your rebrand and recognize what you’re trying to achieve with the new look and/or feel.


The role of social media during rebranding

According to Hootsuite, social media is one of the best ways for businesses to reach and connect directly with customers. Social media is absolutely vital for success in today’s marketplace. In fact, studies show more than 1 in 3 internet users turn to social media to research brands and products. You don’t want to lose the followers you worked hard to gain. As you rebrand, take these steps with social media:


Before putting everything toward a rebrand, take time to check all the platforms you use (or plan to use) as part of your social media marketing strategy. See if there are any limitations or restrictions that would cause any issue for your overall rebranding efforts. For example, Facebook doesn’t allow for business page name changes if there are more than 200 page likes and the process to change LinkedIn Company Pages can only be done via the LinkedIn Help Center.

Involve customers:

Rebranding is a big deal. Consider tapping your target audience via polls and surveys on social media. Get their insight on a potential rebrand. (It’s what Dunkin’ Donuts did before dropping “Donuts” from their name.) Gather as much information as possible, listen to feedback (good and bad) and understand customers’ needs and expectations. Find out how to make the change go smoothly.

Have a plan:

As with any other marketing strategy, it’s important to map out actions. Any new portion of the brand image, including colors, images and graphics should follow the style guidelines of each social media platform. Make sure to follow size and text requirements. Have all materials ready to go so all platforms change at the same time. This will limit possible confusion for your audience.

Inform and educate:

Announce the rebrand to followers in a positive way. Make it fun and engaging. The use of video on social media can be extremely helpful during this time. Use social media platforms to point to blogs or press releases that describe the reason for the rebrand and make the audience aware of the process. Above all, you want to be sure to convey your support during the change.

Rebranding Lessons

In addition to the ways Dunkin’ used social media for its rebrand, others utilized social media to successfully spread the word. Pinterest and Instagram play a big part in the rebrand for Joann Fabrics, which also dropped half of its name in 2018. And much can be learned from the way IHOP lit up social media with the temporary move to IHOB.

Get Expert Advice

T.E. Digital team members are experts in branding and social media. We know rebranding can be a daunting task, but when you make the change, social media must be part of the strategy. Contact us if you have questions, need some assistance or are ready to get started. We can assist.

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