• 5 great ways to use social media to boost business

5 great ways to use social media to boost business

Grow a following and increase ROI

There are many business benefits to using social media, but simply having a presence on social media platforms isn’t enough. Take steps to maximize your efforts. Doing so will increase your following, help drive traffic, and impact your bottom line. As you develop your strategy, let these tips guide you to best use social media to boost business.

Promote accounts

Once your get established on social media platforms, you absolutely must inform your target audience. Don’t expect your customers will know about your social media presence or activity. Make it easy for them to find you. Use icons and links on your website, in newsletters, and other forms of communication.

When your target audience knows where to find you, users will be more willing to take action. Promote accounts and tell people to follow you. Then, create posts that are consistent and engaging. It can take time to develop a following, but as it starts to grow, you want to appeal to that audience so you don’t lose them.

Use tools

Studies show that businesses should post to most social media platforms at least once a day. Businesses that leverage Twitter should be tweeting at least 15 times a day. To improve social media presence, it’s necessary to post on social media often and at optimal times. That type of management can be difficult if it requires constantly logging in to individual social media accounts. That’s why it’s important to find and use the right tools to optimize efforts.

HubSpot, Hootsuite, Buffer, and other tools provide the opportunity to schedule posts in advance and at times when your target audience is most likely to see them. These tools not only save time, but also have analytics that help you understand the success of individual posts and see how your overall strategy is working. This important data can ultimately help streamline efforts to improve your social media presence.

Keep on top of what’s trending

Going viral can be a great boost to your brand. There are a number of theories about what makes something go viral. One way to make sure you get in the game is by paying attention to the game. It’s possible to enhance your social media presence by keeping on top of what’s trending.

Take time to note the news of the day, keep an eye on your industry, watch for relevant hashtags and use them appropriately. Jumping into the conversation on social media when a topic is trending helps get your brand in front of users, many of whom may not know about your company.  Sometimes being in the right place at the right time can help organic efforts and make your post go viral.

Engage users

Business stakeholders often get so involved in using social media for marketing that they forget social media works best when there is a give and take. Just like in real life, people can’t participate in the conversation if you are the only one doing all the talking. On social media, don’t just shove content out there; reach out to your audience.

Use various platforms to communicate. Social media is an extremely effective tool for even the biggest brands to make one-on-one connections. Ask questions in posts. Encourage comments. Listen to your community of followers and respond.

Don’t be afraid to retweet and share posts. In fact, adding a comment on the post of a follower you retweet can leave a lasting impression on your audience. Users will come to see you as genuine and not a bot. This helps develop a more loyal following.

Use a call to action

Think about the goals you put in place as you develop your social media strategy. What do you hope to gain via various platforms: increased website visits, more newsletter subscribers, more engagement? Add a call to action within your posts in order to get your audience to take that next step. It’s one thing to get your posts seen, but don’t miss the opportunity to get those eyes to further engage with your brand in the way you intend.

At T.E. Digital, we understand how important social media is to today’s businesses. We have the expertise to help develop social media strategies that are relevant to your target audience. Here’s our call to action: If you haven’t yet ventured into social media or your social media efforts are not performing as you expected, give us a call.  Let’s start a conversation about your goals and work to get you there.

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