• 5 Reasons Email Marketing Is the Best Digital Channel for 2015

5 Reasons Email Marketing Is the Best Digital Channel for 2015

Of course, social media marketing has its place, but you may find that email marketing is actually far more effective for your audience in 2015. Email gives you some key advantages. Below are five reasons to embrace the “Email Marketing Comeback” in 2015.

  1. You can target specific consumers.
    Emails can be targeted to each customer based on browsing strategies, purchase history, and the like. Other types of marketing have to reach the general public, but email marketing gives you the ability to cater to each customer, making it more effective.
  2. Mobile customers have constant access.
    The use of mobile devices is increasing every day, with smartphones, tablets, and more. Email marketing can reach people wherever they are.
  3. Coupons make a huge difference.
    When you email coupons and deals to customers, it can create a ton of exposure. People love to save and are always looking for good deals.
  4. An email stands out from the crowd.
    People are bombarded with information on the Internet. If your ads are in the same space as everything else, you are constantly in competition. When you send an email, it can stand out. The headline is the most critical part, as it gets the recipient to open the message; once they do, you have plenty of space for text, photos and other information.
  5. An email marketing strategy is cost-effective.
    The most effective email messages are quick, to the point, and expertly crafted. Fortunately, email is also very simple and cost-effective, meaning you get great results on any budget.

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