• 5 Must Do’s Before Hitting Send on Your Email Marketing Campaign

5 Must Do’s Before Hitting Send on Your Email Marketing Campaign

In my previous article, Don’ts Before Hitting Send on Your Email Marketing Campaign I discussed what not to do, so today I will focus on what you should do before sending your next email marketing campaign. Once you hit “send,” you can’t take an email marketing campaign back. In order to have the most success and minimal negative response, take the following steps before sending that email to your existing and potential customers.

1. Double check technical details for accuracy and functionality. Obviously, spelling and grammar need to be correct. In addition, make sure that any template defaults are altered to fit the current campaign. Finally, be sure to check that any links in your template are working correctly.

2. Review your subject line to ensure effectiveness. This is the first thing that your recipients see, and is one of  the most important factors in determining whether or not your email will be opened.

3. Get a second opinion and send a preview to few internal people so they can check grammar, links and content focus. You want your message to be clear and concise. The eyes of those not involved in the campaign’s development might be better at spotting places that could use tightening up.

4. Ensure that your contact list has been updated and is correct. Remember to clean out  those undeliverable and bounced email addresses. People are always subscribing and unsubscribing to email lists so don’t irritate anyone by sending information they don’t want, or risk driving away potential customers.

5. Look at images to be certain they are appropriate and well tagged. Some people have images turned off, and you need to ensure that the alternate text makes sense within your content. Further, make sure they support your written content.

What do you think? What other Must Do’s do you have before sending an email marketing campaign? Let us know in the comments below!

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