• 5 Key Indicators It’s Time to Redesign Your E-Commerce Website

5 Key Indicators It’s Time to Redesign Your E-Commerce Website

Most businesses can benefit from having a website. After that, it gets more complicated. If your website needs a redesign, it can actually hurt your brand and cost you money. However, a well-maintained website can do wonders for your reputation.

So, how do you know when it’s time for a redesign?

1. Significant Business Change

This could stem from a change in ownership or location, or a new team member with fresh ideas. Other changes can include a redirect to a new target market, a switch in product focus or an updated philosophy.

2. Minimal Revenue Generation

Your website should make direct money online. If it’s not, you’re losing by paying to keep it online. Could it be that it’s outdated, features lack-luster content or doesn’t load well for viewers?

3. Site Management Problems

If it’s a huge challenge to manage your website, the design might not be right for your skill level or style. Consider a design that’s more intuitive, and works according to your specific needs.

4. Adding New Features

If your business is growing, or you want to add new interactive features to the site, a redesign might be the best way to support these additions.

5. Age of Site

Is your website over five years old? If so, a redesign is due by default. If you’re sick of looking at it, your customers might be, too. Just keep the essentials in place, and assist viewers with new navigation.

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