• 7 Hot Branding Trends

7 Hot Branding Trends

These days, you hear more about a “brand” than a “company.” While branding has always been important to business, it has become a more powerful force, conveying to consumers a specific identity, values and personality of a company. Here are some top trends enabling businesses to achieve their branding objectives:

1. A Visual Perspective – People want to see it to believe it. Business owners are looking for ways to visualize the impact of their brand and marketing campaigns through data and information.

2. Virtual Reality – If you want to be considered modern, VR is the way to go. Studies even show today’s consumers are more likely to buy from brands that use VR.

3. Sharing Economy – People share cars (Uber and Lyft), rooms (Airbnb) and even pets (borrowmydoggy). as people find more ways to be efficient, brands that show sharing is caring will increase.

4. Loyalty Reward Apps – With the integration of personalized store apps and one-touch mobile pay abilities, you can expect to see returning customers for years to come.

5. Customer experience – More important than product or price, consumers want good customer service. Brands recognize this and are making it a priority.

6. Simplicity – More used to be more. Now less is really more. Simplicity is so important that there’s a Global Brand Simplicity Index. Brands need to subtract in order to add value.

7. Going Live – Live streaming is available on numerous platforms. Customers feel included in important moments for their favorite companies – no matter how close or far they are.

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