• Top 5 Reasons a Small Business Should Develop a Mobile App

Top 5 Reasons a Small Business Should Develop a Mobile App

Mobile applications are programs designed to run on a specific smartphone operating system, such as the Apple iOS on the iPhone or Google’s Android platform. This type of interactive program offers a number of benefits over a web-based application for small business owners. Some of these benefits make a native application the best choice.

1. Higher Chance for Discovery: Since native applications are listed in the various app stores of a specific operating system, many new users will find and download your program from iTunes or Google Play. Web-based applications require extra advertising to reach the same chance for discovery from consumers who are not already following your business.

2. Use Offline: Web-based only apps have to be connected to the Internet. Native applications can use the power of the device and can be used without Internet access.

3. More Control: Designing a native application gives your company complete control over how the app looks and functions. Web applications are often distorted by many browsers used to access them, with some browsers failing to load them at all. A native app ensures your users all share the same experience.

4. Richer Features: Since the native application uses the hardware and operating system of the smartphone, it supports a wide range of extra features. Native applications allow small business owners to stay connected with customers using features like Push Notifications and and electronic rewards programs.

5. Better Integration: Only native applications can access the camera, motion sensors and GPS system of the device. These features used with features like geo-targeting/fencing, social media and more.

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