5 Simple Tips for Effective Website Design

  • 5 Simple Tips For Effective Website Design

5 Simple Tips for Effective Website Design

Drive Traffic, Enhance Usability, Get ROI

Sure, your website can look pretty, but it’s got to work for your customers. Having an effective website design is critical for business success. As the face of your business, a balance of pleasing aesthetics and engaging content is vital. If you’re designing your website or cleaning up your current site, here are some tips to keep in mind to get the best return on your investment.

1. Keep the home page clutter-free

As the first stop for visitors, you want your home page to be clean and informative. Convey your message immediately, use high-quality images, keep content simple, and space out elements, so the page appears balanced. Research shows that 86 percent of people want to see information about the product or service on the home page. You should also include a call-to-action (CTA), whether that’s an encouragement to sign up for a newsletter or the ability to make a purchase. Even though a CTA is a key element for the home page, research shows 70 percent of small businesses fail to include one.

2. Ensure easy navigation

Users who cannot find what they are seeking will abandon your site. Don’t lose them. Following effective website design, link your logo to the home page, offer an easy-to-read menu, provide a “back to top” button, and don’t forget to include essential links in the footer.

3. Be mobile friendly

With more than 92 percent of users accessing the internet via mobile device, it’s vital that your web design look good and work well for mobile. Minimize page elements and scale down the menu and other assets. Make sure CTA buttons are easily accessible.  

4. Avoid carousels and rotating sliders

Today’s internet user doesn’t stick around long on a web page. The once-popular element of home pages is now problematic because a visitor may only see one slide. If your CTA isn’t included on that slide, you can miss import click-throughs. Consider stacking images, so they are seen on the scroll.

5. Use pictures with people

It’s often said that people don’t buy from businesses; they buy from people. Research shows that if you want to boost your sales, use images of people on your website. That said, the consumer has come to recognize stock images, so avoid them when possible and use more personal photos, especially on the pages that drive sales.

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