• 5 Reasons Your Website Should Be Behind a Firewall

5 Reasons Your Website Should Be Behind a Firewall

Having a firewall is one of the greatest ways to protect your company’s website from harmful attacks. A website without a firewall is like leaving the door to your home unlocked at night in the middle of a metropolitan city. You are basically asking for an intruder.

Here are five more reasons why your website should be behind a firewall:

  1. First Line of Defense – Firewalls block unwanted incoming traffic based upon a predetermined set of regulations. It also provides protection from malicious links in emails and can disable chatting opportunities on the company server.
  2. Highly Sophisticated – Most firewalls that are worth their value require the services of an IT person. Having a human being on hand to monitor the systems and modify the firewall to the best settings comes in handy.
  3. Customizable – Consider the business regulations and processes you have in place. How do you enforce them business wide? Many worthwhile firewalls will allow you the ability to define parameters for individual computers on your network. This is important to protect the network from attacks and interlopers.
  4. Defending Against Unauthorized Remote Access – Sometimes people need to work from the road or their home office. Firewalls allow them to log in and access server data while shutting unwanted intruders out.
  5. Prevention – It’s much easier to take proactive steps to keep your company’s proprietary data and customer information safe than to try and clean up the publicity mess after a hack.

At Talent Evolution, we’re all about websites. That’s why we know how important it is to protect them with firewalls. Contact us. We’ll help you get set up.

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