• Gain More Leads, Increase Revenue With Digital Marketing Agency

Gain More Leads, Increase Revenue with Digital Marketing Agency

Ways Your Business Benefits

Most business owners know digital marketing is a fantastic way to garner attention and grow business. It allows you to establish a global reach but also keep that personal touch. With digital marketing, there are measurable results, so you know what works and what doesn’t. And there’s always the potential that something you share online will become viral and the social media spotlights will shine on your brand.

But perhaps you’re not attracting enough customers, or you feel the time and energy you’re putting into writing social media posts is not delivering the ROI you were sure it would. Or maybe you would rather focus all your efforts on just running your business. No matter the reason, if you’re thinking that maybe a digital marketing agency could be of help but you’re just not sure, here’s some food for thought about why working with a professional team will get you more leads, increase revenue, and benefit your business in ways you may not yet have considered.

What exactly is a digital marketing agency?

A digital marketing agency offers a range of marketing services that helps position your brand for success. This is done via a number of services such as:

  • Website design and development
  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Email marketing
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising
  • Content creation

5 big benefits

A digital marketing agency offers:

1. Expert knowledge: KPI, SEO, PPC, and CTAs are pretty important to marketing your business, but it’s very likely you don’t know what these acronyms stand for let alone why any of this would be beneficial. A digital marketing agency is your industry insider that has the knowledge and expertise for these things. When you’ve got someone who knows what’s what, you don’t need to worry about it.

2. Access to resources: As you grow your business, you’re likely investing in resources you need to create your product or deliver your service. Digital marketing agencies have resources such as SEO optimizers, plug-ins, keyword research, web development tools, heat maps, and grammar/plagiarism checkers at their disposal to use as they need. You don’t need to worry about those things or pay for licensing or subscriptions. You simply take advantage of marketing results.

Consider this analogy: Sometimes you eat at a high-end restaurant because the chef has years of experience and the kitchen is stocked with more ingredients than you’d ever have in your home. You don’t have to take cooking lessons or purchase spices or quality knives. You just enjoy your meal.

3. Expand your business: The pandemic gave a great wake up call to brick-and-mortar businesses that did not have an online presence. Having a successful online presence today doesn’t just mean having a website. To make it in the marketplace, it’s important to engage with social media, create relevant content for consumers, publish a newsletter, or start a podcast. A digital marketing agency that has expertise in all these things, takes such tasks off your plate, and invests in only the best ones that reach your target audience.

4. Bring more customers: You’re probably thinking: HOW? Even if you had a website and actively created your own social media posts, you may have missed out on other important communication channels like email, blogging, or even different social media platforms. Additionally, successful messaging is all about timing. You can send out something great, but if a potential customer isn’t ready for it, it will be lost. A digital marketing agency is going to develop a marketing strategy specific to your brand to reach your target audience wherever they are and whenever they are most ready to receive your info. 

Additionally, utilizing pay-per-click advertising can be a gamechanger when a digital marketing agency makes your ads look good, sets them to reach more potential customers, and are on the right platforms to generate a positive return on your ad spend.

5. Save money, increase revenue: With a digital marketing strategy, you’ll have a plan to follow and goals in place. This will keep everyone on course. Because you’re not out there taking chances and throwing time, energy, and money at marketing efforts that may or may not work, bank this as a cost-saver.

Then, compare the expenses of having an in-house marketing team versus an external digital marketing agency. You’ll likely find another big cost-saver. A digital marketing agency is considered an independent contractor. Thus, there are no recurring costs associated with a full-time employee, such as payroll, health care, and other benefits. 

Finally, the digital marketing agency will monitor metrics and analyze data to see what works best to pull leads in. Plus, the agency will work to guide these leads through the sales funnel appropriately, so you’ll ultimately be pulling in more revenue.

Ready for your ROI?

So many small and mid-size business owners worry about the cost associated with hiring a digital marketing agency. Recognize it as an investment. Experts often say that if your business is down to the last dollar, spend it on marketing your business. That’s the only way customers will find you.

T.E. Digital is a full-service data-driven digital marketing agency. We specialize in creative initiatives to connect organizations with opportunities that fuel website traffic and grow business. If you need some assistance with your marketing efforts, give us a call. Our team will get to work to deliver optimal solutions that are cost-effective, on target, and on budget. Let’s discuss your business goals and come up with a strategy that works to give you the ROI you deserve.

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About the Author:

Jared S. Smith ‐the Co‐founder and Chief Executive Officer for Talent Evolution. He brings several years of experience in providing social media marketing solutions to clients in a variety of industries. He is passionate about marketing and helping small business owners make sense of the new world of online marketing. Jared provides expertise in all aspects of online marketing.

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