6 Tips for Improving Content Marketing

Helpful Dos and Don'ts to Guide Your Efforts

  • 6 Tips For Improving Content Marketing

6 Tips for Improving Content Marketing

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Helpful Dos and Don’ts to Guide Your Efforts

When taking steps toward improving content marketing, having helpful tips is useful for ensuring success. But it’s also good to know what not to do. Here are three things to consider and three things to avoid.

Tactics to ‘Do’

Invest time in keyword research: Keyword research is essential for content marketing. While keywords have always been vital for SEO, poorly written content stuffed with keywords is not going to provide a pleasing user experience. Now is the time to establish your authority in the marketplace and write for your target audience, not an algorithm. (We’ve got tips on keyword research here.)

Diversify your content: Content isn’t just text. While blogs help drive traffic, different people engage well with other types of content. Make this the year you start incorporating infographics, videos, or even put a podcast into your marketing strategy. Diversifying your content for visitors is appreciated by those who learn differently. It will ultimately help grow your business.

Create more evergreen content: You will have to create a lot (and have a big budget) if you focus too heavily on time-sensitive content. Because dated material quickly becomes irrelevant, you’re not likely to drive repeat visits. Make it your goal to drive long-term traffic with evergreen content. Write blogs or post videos that are always relevant. Not only will you see repeat visitors, but traffic will continue to grow as those users share information with others.

‘Don’ts’ to avoid

Overselling your product or service: Consumers go through a journey. They are not always ready to buy when they get to your website. Avoid being too pushy with your content marketing strategy. Instead, engage with content that provides value. Tell stories, share helpful information, and appeal to the emotional side of your target audience. These are trust-building practices, and people that trust your brand will buy from you.

Not considering intent: Understanding your target audience is vital for a successful content marketing strategy. However, you not only need to know who your customer is, but you also need to understand what your customer wants from your brand. If you’re not considering their intent, you cannot address where they are in the buyer’s journey and how to engage them along the way properly.

Neglecting data: If you forgo collecting and looking at website performance data, you’ll never understand how well (or how poorly) your content is working. Because content marketing plays such an important role in business growth, it’s critical to set up KPIs and keep an eye on whether your content moves you toward your established goals. Make a point of monitoring your metrics, learning from those numbers, and improving your content and how you promote it.

Get help with the ‘Dos’

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