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Rancho Mirage Grows
Website Traffic by 130%

Be Scene Campaign

Be Scene Rancho Mirage


In 2015, Talent Evolution collaborated with the City of Rancho Mirage to launch Be Scene Rancho Mirage.

The targeted digital marketing campaign aimed to shift the perception of Rancho Mirage as a preferred luxury Palm Springs Valley destination. The city wanted to extend the Rancho Mirage destination brand, increase hotel occupancy, and showcase over 60 restaurants in Rancho Mirage.


Talent Evolution provided an integrated digital strategy with:

  • Display and Native Advertising with LA times, San Diego Magazine, Orange Coast Magazine, Portland Monthly Magazine

  • Social Media Ads in Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram
  • Giveaway Campaigns and Mobile App Push Notifications
Be Scene Rancho Mirage
Be Scene Rancho Mirage


  • Grew website traffic by 130%
  • 1 Million+ Social Media Ad Impressions
  • 400,000+ Media Impressions
  • 230,000+ Google Adwords Impressions
  • 200,000+ Email Marketing Impressions
  • 50,000+ Video Views
  • 3,400+ Social Campaign Entries
  • 250+ Mobile App Downloads

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