Recognized for its elegant ambience and unique luxury lifestyle, Rancho Mirage is known for its exclusive gated communities, beautiful golf courses, and superb tennis facilities. Fine dining abounds and the #1 Bentley and one of the top Rolls Royce automobile dealerships in the U.S. are located in the City.

Everyone from presidents, celebrities, vacationing families to shopaholics make this classy city their destination for a reason. Long overshadowed by its neighbor, Rancho Mirage has in recent years been coming into its own as an architectural destination.  Our agency has the privilege of having the city of Rancho Mirage as a client. We’ve designed and developed their government and tourism websites as well as their economic development and energy sites.  We are also their digital marketing agency and manage their social media accounts, mobile applications and email marketing.


  • Branding
  • Website Design
  • Video Marketing

  • Campaign Development

  • Email Marketing

  • Mobile App

  • Social Media

  • Content Development

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Successful branding can turn a city into a desirable destination where people want to live, work and visit. Creating a strong identity can separate your city from other places vying for tourist attention.

Place branding initiatives include:

  • Logo integration
  • Tagline curation
  • Press releases
  • Promote city assets
  • Shape & protect city identity
  • Destination training
  • Campaign creation
Case Study
Case Study
Case Study


Web design is about developing an interface that communicates function, usability and allows users access to your city. Our strategy-first approach allows us to develop a roadmap that shows our full process. The end result is a website that will attract, engage and convert visitors.

  • Mobile Responsive Websites

  • Brand Identity

  • SEO Best Practices

  • Identify Audience

  • Goal Driven Design

  • Reporting Analytics


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Cities need a video marketing strategy.  Video is dominating social media and is only going to continue to grow on digital media.  Video has become more cost effective than ever and any tourism city should make them a priority for showing potential visitors what they can expect when they come into town. Every decision made during the video creation process will point back to the video’s purpose and what action the audience will make after watching it.  Factoring in all of these details is so important when creating a video meant to get viewers excited.


Our team of experts collaborate and connect the project vision while managing strategic and tactical considerations for creative design, content writing and web development.  It’s important to be strategic and use proven tactics, but it is also important to manage the program and understand metrics as you engage your audience. We provide analysis and reporting, helping monitor and analyze results.



Email Marketing is an essential element for communicating to the masses at a very cost-effective price. This interactive marketing strategy offers consumer data while allowing companies to track their efforts and target their customers.  It’s important to be strategic and use proven tactics, but it is also important to manage the program and understand metrics as you engage your audience. We provide analysis and reporting, helping monitor and analyze results.

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Users are always on their mobile devices and there is no better way to connect with them.  Some users use apple while others are on android.  As mobile users grow, technology does as well. Below are the following platforms users can gain access to your brand.


Build native apps for Apple mobile devices. Create an iOS app and publish it to the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad users.


Native apps built for Android devices. Create and publish it to the Google Play store for Android users to download.


Mobile apps built with progressive technology. They are delivered through the user’s web browser, which allows for a seamless experience – no need to download an app.

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Case Study


Social media has had a huge impact on the tourism industry.  Today’s travelers go online to research their future travel destinations and accommodations.  There, they can easily find other travelers’ photos, check-ins, ratings and more. Social makes it easy to access feedback on others previous experience of the city. As you might assume, social media content is tremendously accessible and influential, and it can serve to either put off potential guests or inspire them to visit.

Case Study
Case Study
Case Study


Creation and distribution of high-quality content that attracts and engages target audiences online. We outline key business and customer needs with a detailed plan for how you will use content to address them. Content marketing is about communicating with customers in a way that adds value, without the sales pitch.

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