• Webinar: How To Segment Your List To Get Better Results

Webinar: How to Segment Your List to Get Better Results

Send the Right Content to the Right Audience

With necessary physical social distancing due to COVID-19, now more than ever, businesses need to keep in touch with customers. Utilizing email lists is a great way to maintain contact. Yet, today’s consumers are inundated. They only want timely and relevant information from businesses important to them. To get your email to the right audience, take steps to segment your list. When you do, you’ll get better open and click-through results. 

 If you’re not sure how to segment your list or you want to learn more effective strategies to get relevant information to your subscribers, plan to attend the T.E. Digital free webinar.

 Why segmentation matters

 The pandemic has packed a punch for small businesses. Now, as resources are even more limited, it’s important to take advantage of marketing efforts that deliver a high return on investment. Email marketing is a tool that should not be ignored by business owners. Research shows that for every dollar spent on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $42.

 However, if you aren’t slicing and dicing your email lists into segments and tailoring the content in the emails you send, your email marketing efforts aren’t making the impact they should.

 No matter what your business, no two customers are the same. Thus, your email messages shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all shout out. When you segment your list, you are able to deliver relevant information to specific parts of your target audience. In turn, you’ll improve your overall email reputation and see better results. 

 How to segment your list

 The beauty of segmentation is that the possibilities are endless. Depending on your business, products, services, and demographics, there are ways to slice and dice your list to get the biggest impact.

The information in this important webinar will provide insight on:

  • Basic strategies to segment your email list
  • How to get your subscribers to self-segment
  • How to use existing data and tools to send relevant information

 During this economic crisis, small business owners need to be creative, expand their reach and make the most of marketing efforts. Taking advantage of an existing email list is low-hanging fruit. This webinar will provide insight on better serving those subscribers so you can see better email marketing results.

 Space is limited in the free webinar on May 28, 10 am MDT.

Click now to save your space and join this informative webinar presented by Treasure Valley SCORE with John Walker of T.E. Digital.


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