• Will Your Website “Be Found” by Prospective Customers?

Will Your Website “Be Found” by Prospective Customers?

In today’s ultra competitive marketplace it’s simply not enough to just have a website to market your business.  Now it’s essential that your website be optimized and incorporate SEO tools and techniques to be effective.  The concept of SEO can seem overwhelming, complex and likely too expensive to pursue.

It really doesn’t have to be complex.  Defined by Wikipedia, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via the “natural” or un-paid (“organic” “algorithmic”) search results.   Basically, when your website is well optimized it significantly increases the chances a prospective customer will be able to find your products, services or information when conducting searches on major search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing.  The largest of the search engines, Google Search, processes over 1 billion searches per day.

So, the ultimate question remains.  Will your website “be found” by your prospective customers?  One quick way to find out will be to do a Google search that includes services, products, solutions, etc. that you provide but don’t include your company name.  Also, you can make your search more targeted by adding your city and state to the search string.  For example, “computer services repair orange county, ca.”

Okay, let’s examine the results:

  • Page One:  Great news!  You can breathe a sigh of relief!
  • Page Two:  No need to panic but it’s a good time to start strategizing on how to get to page one.
  • Page Three & Beyond:  It’s time to Optimize!

Here a few key basic SEO tips to help your company be found:

Keyword/Content Review:  Take some time to review the content on your website. Think of how others would search for your services and be sure those keywords and keyword phrases are on your website. When you structure the content on your web site in such a way that important information is listed frequently and prominently, it increases the likelihood it will appear toward the top of a person’s search results. You really don’t want to appear beyond page three of a person’s web search, after all.

Page/Title Tags:   Title tags are very important when it comes to achieving high search engine rankings.  This HTML feature will quickly and concisely share details on your web site with a brief description within search rankings. A well-written title tag sums up your site in a few phrases and increases the chances of a visitor clicking the link.

Google Places Listing:  Be sure to claim/register your business with Google Places, a free local business platform that allows you to include photos, videos and special offers in your Google Places listing.  This will help increase your exposure among the 97% of consumers that search for local businesses online.

Start with the basics and help make it easier for others to find your company and grow your business in the process.  When done right, your website can be viewed by a captive and interested audience.  Good luck!

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Jared S. Smith ‐the Co‐founder and Chief Executive Officer for Talent Evolution. He brings several years of experience in providing social media marketing solutions to clients in a variety of industries. He is passionate about marketing and helping small business owners make sense of the new world of online marketing. Jared provides expertise in all aspects of online marketing.

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