Ads / PPC


Meridian Energy Group Google Adwords Meridian Energy Group, Inc. was looking for accredited investors for the development and operation of the cleanest, most efficient and environmentally compliant crude oil refineries in the world, providing long term shareholder value. We created pay per click advertising to deliver attract investments. View Google Adwords Service

Content Marketing


Relax Rancho Mirage Content Marketing In an effort to engage the local community as well as potential tourists for the city of Rancho Mirage, we curated social media posts to highlight special offers ranging from resorts and spas to dining and other attractions. Blog posts featured events, celebrities and activities in Rancho Mirage.

Video Marketing


Relax Rancho Mirage Video Marketing The goal was to show the city of Rancho Mirage as destination city for vacation. We created a video highlighting The Ultimate Oasis: showcasing world class resorts, prestige golf courses and excellent entertainment options. View Video Dine Rancho Mirage Video Marketing