Masterclass: How to Automate Lead Generation with Constant Contact

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This masterclass will provide an over-the-shoulder training on how to automate lead generation using Constant Contact, a powerful email marketing platform. We will cover topics such as setting up an account, creating and segmenting email lists, automating email campaigns, integrating with other tools, and tracking and analyzing results. Whether you are new to Constant Contact or looking to take your lead generation efforts to the next level, this masterclass will give you the insights and strategies you need to succeed.

You will learn:

[+] How to set up and use Constant Contact for lead generation, including creating email lists, crafting effective campaigns, and automating processes using Constant Contact’s autoresponder, forms and more…

[+] Best practices for segmenting email lists, optimizing email content, and integrating Constant Contact with other marketing tools to improve lead generation results.

[+] Strategies for tracking and analyzing the performance of Constant Contact campaigns, including using built-in analytics and reporting tools, and using data to make informed decisions about future campaigns.

Constant Contact is a powerful and user-friendly platform for automating lead generation. By following the strategies and best practices outlined in this masterclass, you will be well-equipped to use Constant Contact to generate and nurture leads, and ultimately drive more sales and revenue for your business.

NOTE: A Constant Contact PLUS Plan is required to get the most out of this training. Check your inbox for a link to sign up and receive a huge discount on Constant Contact.


John Walker a Co-founder and Chief Solutions Officer for T.E. Digital. John has been Constant Contact Certified Pa

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