• Using Google Search Ads To Grow Your Business

Using Google Search Ads to Grow Your Business

Adding PPC Advertising to Your Marketing Mix

With the unpredictability of the COVID-19 crisis, more people are turning to Google to search for things they need. It’s especially important for small businesses to navigate the changing online advertising landscape and use Google Search Ads to reach prospective customers, many of whom are sheltering-in-place and on the computer at home.

 Since it matters more than ever that advertising dollars are used in a way that delivers a positive ROI, plan to attend the T.E. Digital free webinar to gain insight on how to best use Google Search Ads to get results you desire.

 What is PCC and why it matters

People go onto search engines with intent: they are looking for something specific. Google receives more than 80,000 searches per second on any given day.

Of those searches, 35% are for products and 34% are “near me” searches that result in store visits. 

Pay per click advertising (PCC) can be a powerful addition to a digital marketing campaign because it can reach the customer who is literally typing in what they want to buy with words describing your products and services. Applying PPC with Google Search Ads can raise brand awareness, grow traffic and increase sales.

Clearing the confusion

It’s natural for a cash-strapped business to question the benefits of spending money on advertising right now. However, Google Search Ads are an excellent investment because everything impressions, clicks, visits and conversions is measurable. When you measure, you can make decisions about the next steps and whether or not to spend more.

The information in this important webinar will provide insight on:

What Google Search Ads are and how they work

How to create, maintain, and manage Google Search Ads

Tips and strategies for getting great results

During this economic crisis, small business owners need to be creative, and utilize all the tools available to reach their target audience. Learning how to tap into valuable traffic via Google Search Ads can help increase revenue.

Space is limited in the free webinar on June 18, 10 am MDT.

Click now to save your space and join this informative webinar presented by Treasure Valley SCORE with John Walker of T.E. Digital.

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